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Packing / Crating

Professional Art Packing and Crating

Besides offering professional art installation. Art proficiency also offers expert packing, crating, and shipping services to ship your fine art and decorative pieces via common moving companies or dedicated art carriers.  Your valuable works will be wrapped and packed to protect them in transit across town, across the country or around the world.


    The following information is needed before we can provide a custom crating quote or a quote for local, national or international shipping:


  • The number of pieces to crate or ship

  • The medium (framed oil on canvas, ceramic, etc.) of            each piece

  •  The dimensions ( H" x W" x L" ) and weight of each            piece

  •  The value of each piece

  •  The full destination address and a contact name            and phone number for each piece

  •  Billing information and insurance information 

Crating and packing
Professional packing
custom crates

Interested in a custom crating or packing? Contact us today to schedule a consultation.


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